Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deathless update 01

Well, the London magazine - One Eyed Grey - is featuring an excerpt from the book in its July issue. Which is nice. And Lulu have just contacted me to say they have chosen the book to go on the market place at Which is also nice. So things are ticking along.

I have been fighting off some virus (other than the usual) for the last couple of weeks so energy levels low and no writing to speak of. However this week I have been able to sort out the time line of 'Mr. Reed' and write more.

I hope to start recording the Deathless pod casts next week. Though I am concerned about the gastroscopy I am having done on Wednesday. I gather its not very pleasant. The doctors are just checking I have no intestinal bleeding. I think its very unlikely I have.

Never realised what a minefield web hosting is until today. I wanted to get a proper domain name etc. But its all so confusing I think I'll stick with my ISP free one for now.

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