Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deathless update 01

Well, the London magazine - One Eyed Grey - is featuring an excerpt from the book in its July issue. Which is nice. And Lulu have just contacted me to say they have chosen the book to go on the market place at Which is also nice. So things are ticking along.

I have been fighting off some virus (other than the usual) for the last couple of weeks so energy levels low and no writing to speak of. However this week I have been able to sort out the time line of 'Mr. Reed' and write more.

I hope to start recording the Deathless pod casts next week. Though I am concerned about the gastroscopy I am having done on Wednesday. I gather its not very pleasant. The doctors are just checking I have no intestinal bleeding. I think its very unlikely I have.

Never realised what a minefield web hosting is until today. I wanted to get a proper domain name etc. But its all so confusing I think I'll stick with my ISP free one for now.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Deathless is here

At long last I have managed to make my first novel, Deathless, good enough to be available to the public. Get it through the publish-on-demand provider, lulu. Follow the link on the right and buy it!

Deathless has not yet been picked up by any established publishers. The time has come for a second round of sending the manuscript out I guess. An onerous task. I have had an encouraging email from Macmillan new writers scheme but have yet to hear anything concrete yiegh or niegh. And the London Publication 'One Eye Grey' look like they may include an extract in their next issue. Fingers crossed.

On my website I now have a trial recording of the opening of the book. It is my intention to read the entire novel and put on itunes as a podiobook. If I release one a week it will take about a year to complete. Now I have sussed out all my recording equipment I just need to record the first four episodes. If the response to those is good then I'll carry on. It may not make me any money, but it should raise my profile.

I have stalled somewhat with my new project 'Mr.Reed' as I have been pondering on it. The voice I originally used for the piece now seems overblown. I wanted to bring in a Gothic tone but now feel I have gone about it the wrong way. This means even more rewriting!

The other thing that has been delaying me is the need too write an account of events from Louise's perspective. This has been quite a challenge because obviously its female. hope I can pull it off. After reading 'Lucky' by Alice Sebold for inspiration I have begun to write. Though the content of Lucky bares little resemblance to Mr Reed, the tone and style have been helpful. It occured to me how my novel is almost the reverse of Seblod's memoir. Her life was completely altered by meeting a bad man, in mine Lousie's life is altered from meeting a good man. Though so different there are resonances. Watch this space...