Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Five days of Flu

It had to happen, I guess. Last week I mentioned my nasal passages were playing up. Well, from Thursday on I have really been laid up. All the usual flu symptoms though the worst thing was having a head on fire and being totally unable to breathe. As I am pretty anaemic already struggling for air is deeply unpleasant. Particularly when eating and trying to sleep. A sense of anxiety is always beneath the surface. The broken nights really got to me. Thankfully, last night I had a good sleep. Though my nasal passages are still dodgy I am at least able to breathe now. As I have said in the past you can never take for granted what you will be hit with next.

I know this is not very interesting but I record these things for the book's sake.

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Debi said...

This blog is here for you to use in whatever way feels right. A place to sound off, to work things out, to share experiences and/or a diary to record this stage of your life.

You never need to apologise or feel you have to justify what you post here.