Friday, December 12, 2008

Twelfth Jab Of Christmas

So here I am, a quarter of the way through, I can't believe it.

Saw my nurse yesterday, she was happy with my last blood tests. Everything has stabilised and there have even been some improvements. She also took blood for my all important week 12 test. I am hoping the results will be ready next Friday (19th)when I am due to see the Doc. If my viral load is down to zero then treatment continues, if not, it is likely I will have to stop.

Though I have no scientific basis to say this, I feel its all going to be okay. It is very difficult to isolate my Hep. C symptoms from my treatment symptoms, but there are times when my brain seems to be working better than it has done for years. So I am positive. Only the lack of energy remains disabling. My appetite is far better than at the beginning - I am rarely nauseous these days.

This week has been pretty good. Though I am still sensitive to too much noise etc I am able to cope with more. Watching Heroes exhausts me though. I gather Gordon Brown watches Heroes too. Only he thinks he can save the world without saving the cheerleader.

Talking of TV. Did anyone understand the ending of Little Dorrit last night? I've never read the book and was totally confused as to what the BIG secret was.


Debi said...

I'm willing to bet the women in your life reckon you're a Hero.

Come to think of it, the writers in your life think that too!

Anonymous said...

Well done Richard for having got this far and really, really good luck for the results on Friday. I have everything crossed.
I can't help with Little Dorrit I'm afraid, I somehow stopped watching about half way through, not on purpose, I just somehow wasn't engaged enough to remember when the next episode was. I asked my friend Rachel tonight though and she said she didn't understand the secret either. So there you go. They cocked it up. We'll just all have to read the book.
So sorry to hear about Suki. Love to you all.
Joan x

Chris Vacano said...

Good luck with your lab results, Rich! I know you've been through my blog, so it should come as no surprise when I tell you that keeping that positive attitude will do more to ensure your success than anything else. One of my life mantras is "as the mind goes, so follows the body."
It's served me very well, and I welcome you to use it if it resonates with you. :)