Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feeling Better

What a relief it is to not take the interferon and ribaviron. My energies are returning more every day and my brain beginning to stutter into life. Hooray. Got a well timed email from my Chinese Medicine Practitioner and have arranged to see her on Feb 2nd. She will put me back on track. TCM has been very helpful to me combating Hep C over the years and I hope it will aid me in my quest to keep my viral load down as low as it is now. A viral load of 200,000 may not be good enough for the docs but if I can keep it down to anything like that level I'll be a happy man. I am lucky the Yuan Clinic is so close. (see link)

As for writing, I have printed off the whole of Mr Reed with a view of reading the whole thing prior to starting work on a Second Draft. Naturally, I have still been thinking about Prometheus and intend to develop detailed character backgrounds on the main characters. I want them really be grounded in me before beginning to write. I'll post the backgrounds here.


Debi said...

You're wonderful! Nuff said ...

Chris Vacano said...

Hey Rich,

Glad to hear you're feeling better! It's amazing how quickly the toxicity of the drugs wears of, isn't it?

Viral Load of 200,000? That's nothing! If it were in the millions, I'd be worried for you. You're in good shape, and it's obvious the treatment at least did you some good, and positioned you well for a second try, should you choose it. If nothing else, you're giving your liver a break.

Good luck with the Chinese medicine and keeping your levels down.

Hang in there, buddy! We're all still pulling for you. :)


Anonymous said...

That's great Richard. I can feel your body's relief. And Chris V says the viral load is not too bad so good news. Good luck with the rest of it.
I loved "As for life..." Yeah, as for life.. well...
Good luck with the writing, I'm impressed that you've done the first draft of Mr Reed.
Any chance of seeing you at Jack's on Thursday??
Lots of love

Rich said...

Thanks for sticking around friends.