Tuesday, October 21, 2008

300 days

Sounds like a long time to go, but I am trying not to think about it. Just taking each day at a time. Things have definately settled down. I am not nearly so nauseuas as in the begining. My digestion is behaving itself. And apart from the first two days after the interferon injection I have enough energy to have the semblance of a life. I seem to function in 45 minute bursts. How people go to work through treatment I cannot conceive.

I am going to France on Thursday. The break I hope will do me good. I am going with my mother and daughter. Naturally I am concerned about the strain of the travel. We are getting on Eurostar to Lille and then TGV down to Poitier. It's the noise that concerns me. At present too much noise and light can really affect me. Once at the house in France everything will be fine because the silence there is palpable. A few days looking at the river and the countryside can only do good.

Writing is slow. However, musing in my bed I have been able to clear some technical issues on both Mr. Reed and Prometheus.


Chris Vacano said...

Glad to hear your settling in to treatment! I hope it continues to get easier, or at least more tolerable, for you. Your trip to France sounds delightful. Just be sure to take the ups and downs of travel in stride, and enjoy the quiet time on the other side.

And don't forget to pack your factor! I know, I sound like a nagging mother, but it's only because I've forgotten my factor from time to time -- once on a solo trip to the Netherlands! -- and it not only stressed me out, but stressed everybody else out, too. Especially my own nagging mother. Thank God for FedEx.

Debi said...

Hope the change of scene is good for you and sorry I missed you on Sunday.

Let me know if you'd like the group after next at your place. xxx

Anonymous said...

Have a great time in La Belle France Richard. Envy. Really glad things are getting a bit easier.
Look forward to the update on Prometheus.
Sois sage

E.B. said...

If only you had taken Chris's advice....but then a holiday in France without a trip to Montmorillon Hospital - just wouldn't cut it.
Hope you sort it all out and have some time to relax.