Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celtic Betrayal

Okay I have to admit to considering myself a Celt. I know many cry its a spurious definition, but it's dear to me. I am particularly attracted to Celtic myths and legends. It irks to live in a Celtic country where children are taught more about Greek and Norse and Indian and African myths, before the wonders of Finn MacCall, the Lugh, Mannann etc.
Now I come to my point. I feel a small sense of betrayal for embarking on a tale about a Greek God. I wish there was a Celtic equivalent; there so often is, but I do not recall one. So Greek it must be.

As a sop to my conscience I have decided to give the female soldier a Celtic name. My short list is as follows. Betha=life(Scottish) Mab=Happy (Irish queen of the Faerie) Nia=champion (welsh) Oona=One (Irish) If you have any preference let me know.


Chris Vacano said...

I cast a vote for Nia... it evokes something the others lack, and rolls nicely. Oona has been used at least once before (I can't recall the context) and the others just don't do much for me.

To your point about local mythology vs. foreign: you're right to recognize it. We Yanks are taught very little about Native American -- or Northern European, for that matter -- traditions and have to actively seek the info out. I suggest that it's a combination of a long campaign to de-emphasize local cultural traditions in favor of Christianity, and also the fascination with exoticism embodied in the classical movement and favored during the industrial revolution. Hardly something to feel guilty about, given that context. :)

Rich said...

I think your observations are right Chris. I also think that there is an intellectual elite which are taught "The Classics" as a matter of course. To them it is their world view.
ps Vote noted.

Debi said...

Sorry to confuse but I go for Betha - for your baby.