Friday, October 10, 2008


Far from my afternoon bringing me peace and quiet I found last night I was in the grip of a flu like fever. Hot, shaky and headachey. I really felt like I was fighting off something. Apart from forcing down some nausea inducing weetabix I slept till 11am. Weak, fragile, relieved.

I look a little yellow as my billirubin is up. Nurse also tells me my platelets are down and I'm becoming anaemic. All things that are expected. L asked me to see the dietitian. Hoping she would put me on a liver cleanse/ no crap diet. But because I am losing weight the dietitian suggested I eat at least one pudding a day, crisps, chocolate, milky drinks and add milk powder to full fat milk! L is still reeling from the shock. Problem for me is that I don't really fancy any of it anyway.

Anyone ever read "Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever" books? I have begun listening to the audio book of the first one; 'Lord Fouls Bane'. Thomas is a leper. The books follow his struggles in a fantasy world, called the land; which clearly represents his own body in the real world. It is all about fighting for health, and against disease. I find it odd that of all the books in the world I could have chosen this to listen to now I chose this.

I am finding it good company.

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Chris Vacano said...

Hey Rich,

I read Lord Foul's Bane a long time ago... completely missed the subtext, but in retrospect, I think your analysis is spot on. I'm going to have to go back and re-read it... maybe the whole series.

Now that you have me on this train of thought, I think maybe the first Xanth book by Piers Anthony runs a similar subtext. Then again, maybe it just makes a hero more compelling when they have a weakness or something that isolates them from the society around them.

Re: your fever, don't let it worry you too much. As I recall from my short time on Riba, I was always running a temp. Definitely figure out something you like eating, though, to keep your weight up... if it ain't crisps and whatnot, then maybe fish and chips or something else? Gotta keep the bulk up.