Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Introducing Heather Clay

It has occurred to me that Prometheus, possibly more than any mythic figure, represents Life. Specifically Human Life. Having considered this whilst pondering on what the theme of my book should be, I have concluded it too should be about Life. Quite a challenge.

At last I have chosen a name for the female character. I decided my initial ideas were too prosaic, too mannered. She represents all of us. Human beings that is. So I felt she needed a more ordinary name. Hence my decision to call her, Heather.

As for the surname Clay - that's what we are meant to have been moulded from before being given the breath of life.

Heather is a medic in her troop. Though slight in build she is wiry, resilient, bright and bold.

I have also been toying with titles for the book. Such as:
The Spark. A Life of Its Own. and Prometheus Found.


lowkeyhighflyer said...

Hi Richard - the recent prometheus retelling I mentioned at EDWG is 'The Fire Gospel' by Michel Faber. It's part of a series of myth retellings from Canongate publishers. According to the review it involves an academic travelling to Iraq and discovering a controversial 5th gospel - he cashes in but then experiences various negative consequences. The surname of the main character is Griepenkerl, apparently also an artist famous for paintings of prometheus. The reviewer found it entertaining and knowing but sometimes tasteless & cliched. Might be intriguing...
Lovely photos in your recent post!

Chris Vacano said...

Very nice!!! It sounds like you've got your arms firmly around this and it's starting to take shape. Your thinking about Heather Clay is well-anchored, and the name itself is subtle and real, which may keep you from drifting too far into abstractions.

Eagerly awaiting your next step!

Rich said...

Thanks Helen I will check it out.

Good to hear from you Chris. Hope you are well. Recovered from the election yet?

Chris Vacano said...

Oh yes indeed I have... well, mostly. But then, my guy won. :)

And yeah, I'm doing well. Thanks for asking. The more pressing question, I think, is how are YOU doing?

Debi said...

This is clearly gelling together nicely. And I think the focus on LIFE is breathtaking (though not literally!).

I've noticed the word verifications recently seem to be remarkably apt - today's is hopope - as close to 'hope' as you can get.

BTW - have you rec'd my mail re next group?