Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 10

As week nine comes to a close I can congratulate myself for enduring a fifth of my treatment. Things have certainly settled down since the beginning. My nausea is almost gone, the tiredness bottomed out, and mentally I seem to be coping. I just wish each day, each week, would be more predictable, but that now seems unlikely.

Last week I suffered with aches and pains in my bones. Very flu like. This had not been much of a problem before. The sore throat I have had for weeks is getting worse including ulcers. In fact the whole of my ears, nose and throat are unwell. I sneeze all the time. And all the nose blowing has now led to nose bleeds. All of this I can cope with if I have some energy occasionally. I have not been very good keeping up with my factor 8 injections to stop my bleeding. Not that I am doing a great deal of running around to encourage bleeds. In fact I cannot think of a single bleed since starting treatment, which has got to be good news.

The family seem to have come to terms with it all very well too. We have had our tough moments, and yet, in some strange way, the process is making us even closer.


Chris Vacano said...

Hey Rich,

I had a bit of a problem with nosebleeds, closer to the end of treatment... blowing all the time drying my nose out and making it more prone to bleeding, just like you. Factor probably won't help much... just do what you can to keep the inside of your nose moist (petroleum jelly, if you have to).

With respect to your family, I'm glad they're getting accustomed to the changes you're going through... adversity does indeed have a way of bringing us closer together.

I assure you that, from my own experience, the negatives will pass when you finish treatment... but thankfully, the silver linings seem to stay put.

Be well, my friend!

ps. congrats on 20%! Good milestone!

Debi said...

Happy 20%. May the remaining chunk pass swiftly and positively!