Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Dead Yet!

Apologise for the last entry seeming so dark. In fact I was not feeling down or anything morbid, I was genuinely interested in whether this experience of ebbing away had a parallel during death. Thanks for kind words.

As I have been unable to write with any focus, I have been concentrating on thinking and imagining my stories. Two days ago I, at last, cracked the ending of, Mr. Reed. It had been vexing me for sometime. Suddenly a simple solution totally in character, and plot, came to me. Now all I need is to write it!

Regarding Prometheus. I am itching to write something. I have scenes in my head I would love to put onto paper. In particular the moment when the soldier's find Prometheus. I keep thinking what a strange thing it would be for a female soldier to discover this massive god lying there naked. When I consider how I would feel if I came across goddess lying naked before me my imagination naturally goes into overdrive. Despite the oddness of the situation there would have to be some kind of sexual tension there for the woman. This perfect specimen of manliness is also in distress, he needs her help. So, she would also feel compassion for him and be protective.

Then I need to consider how would the male troop members react? Rude jokes, black humour. Taking the Mick out of the woman. Despite any japes they would have to be practical. They are on a mission after all and have to work out a way of releasing Prometheus. Will they believe him when he tells them a giant eagle will be coming soon?

As you can see it is all ripe with possibilities.

I have decided to do it in third person. I do not have the confidence to write from either Prometheus or the woman's voice. How to begin the book is proving more elusive. I want to set up the rocky terrain, the weather, the atmosphere. Give a little background to the characters in the troop etc. But I don't want it to feel like all I'm trying to do is get to the discovery of Prometheus. The initial journey has got to have merit within itself. Despite having done little research on Prometheus and female soldiers. I think I may try a few sketches and see where it takes me.

Now wasn't that a cheery blog to set before the king? :)

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Debi said...

Dunno about the king, but I'm delighted to see this indication of the creative cogs turning.

Just start writing, I'd say. Come up with a first line and then run with it. Have fun!