Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Forethought Planning - Note 03

Over the last few days I have had a number of ideas about, Forethought, circulating my addled brain and I thought it was high time I put them down.

I am still sticking with the idea of Prometheus being found. For some reason I see a small troop of soldiers finding him. The other thing I see is that Prometheus is huge. Not King Kong huge. More Mighty Joe Young. (Hey, I just realised KK is another great source of inspiration for this ting.) Whether he stays huge or does one of those godlike transformations into something more managible I have not made up my mind. When they find him, they have to fight off an attack from the eagle. Which would make a great start. When he and the soldiers return to 'civilisation' The authorities do not believe their reports about eagle attacks. Because there have been none since P was on the move. It is only when he is stationary in a hospital that the bird finally locates him and attacks once more. Chaos ensues. Of course everyone believes them now. 'What menace is this you've bought into the city,' they say. Or more probably, 'Get him the **** outta here?' They try to protect him from attack, but it does not work. The eagle always find a way - perhaps with the help of some other nasty creatures. And so the doctors decide on another method and give him a course of caustic drugs. They believe these will make him unpalatable to the eagle. Or possibly the drugs make the bird unable to scent and therefore locate him. Like interferon they of course will have a 50/50 chance of working. Because they a poisonous they make him feel wretched etc.

Eventually P recovers his original powers.
Now there is the question of Pandora. I have a feeling she turns up at his bedside. Why? I do not know yet. What will their relationship be? There also needs to be a second, contemporary, woman who Prometheus can have a relationship with. Not a nurse - that's too obvious. Probably one of the soldiers who found him.

As to the bigger picture. Prometheus having forethought, knew he would be cured, and that Pandora would come to him. This was all his plan to get her aid to gather the ills of the world once more and return them to her "box". He also know in doing this Zeus would return him to the rock and its eagle. This he is willing to endure - for the sake of humanity.

These are my rough thoughts so far.


Debi said...

You probably know what I'm going to say, Rich, but I'll say it anyway ...

Don't get too hung up on the planning at this stage. Just start writing and see where it takes you.

Rich said...

I know, but I just wanted to get the ideas down. I also need to work out what characters I need. Then I will certainly write. The possibilities are exciting me. Even if, Mr Reed, is still calling for attention

Chris Vacano said...

I'm glad you said it first Debi.

Rich, I certainly understand getting your thoughts down before you lose them; I swear, I've lost several painting ideas that I'm certain were brilliant because I didn't sit down and sketch them up. My only hollow comfort when I think of those instances is that I've learned to note my ideas quickly, and maybe those paintings weren't meant to be... at least in whatever form they were envisioned at the time.

Coming at it from a slightly different perspective, I think you might want to wait out treatment for the proper metaphor to reveal itself, with respect to the resolution.

I'm suggesting that you might be better served to stay in the moment and observe the story as it unfolds, if your intent is to truly illustrate this experience in a genuine voice; then let the resolution/denouement reveal itself in time. My painting has always been at its best when I let go and let it lead me.

Admittedly, I'm not a writer, but it seems that your goal is to let this experience inform your writing. I wonder what might elude your notice in the here and now if you look too far down the road.

Debi said...

Cor ... that Chris is good, isn't he ...???

Rich said...

He's not only good, he's right too. I could of course wax lyrical on the fact you need a direction before you begin any journey or you may become aimless. But he's still right. Its very early days. I need to experience more and improve my knowledge of the Greek myths first. Having a begining is enough to start. I'll let the characters discover the ending at the finish.
yours every grateful - R

Chris Vacano said...

Now it's my turn to feel humbled! :)

Just throwing in my $0.02 as a fellow artist whose spent a lot of time thinking about my process. I certainly hope it's helpful.

Keep on keepin' on.