Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hep C Treatment: Day - minus 5

Visited the hospital with my partner, L, to collect the interferon pens and ribavirin tablets. My nurse let me use a dummy pen to see how it all works. Even bought a "dummy tummy" home so I can practice injecting it. The pen seems very similar to one used by diabetics. I am used to giving myself injections so I was not too over awed, though I usually have to do it intravenously and this is only subcutaneous. That said, I'm not looking forward to it. I will still have to keep up my Factor 8 injections of course so I will have holes everywhere. I also have to take all these ribavirin tablets. I am crap at discipline so it will be a challenge to remember them every day.

Both L and I received a massage at the hospital - all very enlightened and certainly helpful. I was feeling rather anxious about things, but after the massage I felt so much calmer and prepared for what must be. L feels the whole process is like a factory. Getting patients through treatment. As the sole earner in the family she, understandably, is more concerned about the additional pressures it will have on her and our daughter, B. Me feeling shitty is one thing, their coping with me is another. Usually I am a pussycat of course. But who knows what kind of monster I will become. I can hear the menacing laughter as I write. broha, ha ha HA HA HA : )

In truth, no one can say how my body will react. It seems a lottery. Some really suffer, others sail through. So watch this space.

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Debi said...

Every wish goes to the sailing version being the one for you.