Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forethought Planning - Note 04

I've been pondering, off and on, about the nature of 'Forethought'. The brief ideas I put down before seem overblown somehow. Though I sense the basic story elements are correct I want to make the novel much more intimate than that outline conveyed. The action elements mentioned are all well and good, but at its heart it needs to be a human story (even if we are talking about a god!) I think a story that follows the ups and downs of his relationship with the woman who finds him and cares for him; especially when Pandora becomes involved, will be interesting. Set alongside that, the tensions caused by living with the effects of heavy duty drugs and his own mission of conscience to rid humanity of its ills, and I think you have something more than interesting.

The smaller I can make it the more universal it will be. We could forgive Prometheus; of all figures, to opt for a quiet life with his new found love free of endless suffering. How does he raise himself above this temptation to attempt, once more, to become humanities' saviour?

I will continue to ponder and wonder out loud on this while I finish writing the first draft of, Mr Reed; which went down very well the writers' group on saturday I am heartened to say.


Chris Vacano said...

I like this track of thinking... a lot! Not much else to say.

Congrats on cresting your first week. You'll hit your stride, and I expect do fine with treatment. The real rush (for me anyway) was getting back the labs that say you're undetectable. Took me a little longer than others, but the victory was no less sweet.

Debi said...

Mr Reed rocks!

R i c h said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence chris. It does feel the right way to go. As for being undetectable, watch this space ...

Debi thanks. Now I have some energy back, after the lethargy of the last two days, I am expecting to crack on with, Mr Reed.