Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Introduction

Here begins an experiment for me. An open window into having Interferon treatment for my Hep C, and using the experience in order to write a novel.

The effects of Interferon are unpleasant. And I wondered how I could use the experience for a positive outcome - even if the treatment proves unsuccessful.

I did not want to write a diary or bleak memoir of the experience. These things have been done before. So, I decided to utilise the experience for a novel. After much thought, the myth of Prometheus on the rock came to me.

The Hepatitis C virus attacks the liver causing scarring (cirrhosis) eventually leading to cancer. It has all the effects of being an alcoholic without any of the fun. The image of Prometheus having his liver pecked at every day seemed resonant with possibilities.

Prometheus is often translated as meaning "fore-thought" hence the blog name.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prometheus

I do hope any reader of this blog will find the record of my Hep. C treatment and the development of a novel interesting enough to contribute their thoughts and encouragement, because I have a feeling I will need them.


adrian said...

We're with you Richard. Will be keeping a close eye on your progress and noting what you have to say. All the Best! Cheers, Adrian.

rich said...

Thanks Adrian, Lets hope I can keep this project up.

Debi said...

Let's hope it's not as horrific as that picture! Like Adrian says, we're with you all the way.