Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hep C Treatment - Day 08

One week down 51 to go. Had second Interferon injection Sunday night. Spent all of Monday completely wiped out. It's not so much the lack of energy, more the complete disinterest in doing anything I find weird. The prospect of tackling any action, mental or physical was abhorrent. Even though this was the same reaction I had a week ago it still suprised me. Perhaps, because I was fortunate enough to have an active weekend.

Today I still feel lethargic. Headaches are a pain. Nausea bad. I visited my haemophilia nurse this morning. Apparrently, I've lost a kilo. So, I need to keep an eye on my food. Though I get hungry, the problem is that everything I eat makes me feel nauseus. I am going to have to find some way over this. Other than this she seems heartend by my reaction to the drugs so far.

At the end of October I am going to France for a week with my mother. I am naturally looking forward to it, but have to admit I am concerned as to wether I will be able to cope. It's another month away though and things should have stabilised by then.

As I look back on this first week I have to say I am relieved the way things have gone. I trust it will continue in this vien. I believe in a few weeks a rythmn will have been established and I can then begin to tick off the weeks. With the support of family, friends and fellow bloggers I really think I can do this thing.

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Debi said...

You certainly can do 'this thing' - and you certainly do have all our support. xxx

Remember - one day at a time ...