Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks and comments

Thanks to my visitors I hope it will continue to be worth visiting.

Chris, thanks for your wise words. I had never thought of that particular angle on haemophilia. The fact that someone has to suffer so others can benefit is certainly helpful. As you say we quietly suffer and rarely see the bigger picture. You allude to another aspect. I do believe the suffering we experience makes the struggle between life and death more visceral for us. The bigger questions in life are forced to be addressed. Taken the right way, this can develop a rare spiritual understanding. Whether this understanding has a wider influence on humanity, over and above the practical ones you mention, I don't know. But I like to think it does.

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Chris Vacano said...

Spot on! and it can have the wider effect if we choose to share it by sharing our stories and experiences. We've been given a rare opportunity to give people a glimpse into that more visceral existence, and even invite them on to find their own deeper connection with the mortal coil.