Sunday, September 28, 2008

S p a c e d O u t

Feeling spaced out. The sensation is similar to being on codeine. I did not get this the first week. Its not entirely unpleasant. I feel relaxed as long as I do not push myself too much. After even a little activity I get a bit shaky/jittery. As soon as I sit it passes. Headaches have diminished over the last few days. Nausea still a problem, not as bad as the beginning of the week. My only real concern is not being able to think straight. Making decisions is tricky. I can't even decide to read a book or watch tv sometimes.
I found out today have accepted my novel, Deathless, to publish as part of a promotion they are doing. Its good news even though its only an on-demand site. But there is a little bit of editing that needs doing and I just cant get my head around it. I tinkered with the beginning recently and I just cant tell what works anymore. Still, I've got four weeks before I must send it off.
Ummm, I smell B is cooking cakes in the kitchen. I think I will have to investigate....


Debi said...

Have you seen this, spaceman?

Rich said...

Yes Debi. I have just emailed Helen. No such thing a a free lunch after all. Seems to me I should remain with my lulu account. At least you can edit the PDF before printing.